Emma Gaffney

Office Administrator


about emma

I was hired on staff in May 2018 as an Office Administrator, I also coordinate smallgroups for the Youth group. Grace Fellowship has been my home for as long as I can remember and I love being on staff now! The youth ministry at Grace helped form my foundation in Christ and that’s why I want to continue working with the ministry today, because I believe in the greatness of it! God put a passion for missions and students on my heart and I know without a doubt that He empowers young people in His kingdom work. And our church has the best students!

Emma’s Favorites

I can usually be found reading a good book, painting a pallet because I aspire to be Joanna Gaines, or exploring and purposefully getting lost on a new hiking trail. 

Movie nights are my best weakness, especially if we’re watching Pride & Prejudice or Remember the Titans. 

I'm always ready to jump on a plane and explore more of our world.

Thai food, tea, and bagels are my favorite foods.

Anything in a miniature form is instantly greater and adorable in my eyes - infant humans and animals, tiny wildflowers, mini m&m's.

Isaiah 40:28-31 are some of my favorite verses because they remind me that God is always in control and He gives us the ability to be truly free in His presence.