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ginny mckenna

Crew Coordinator

About Ginny

After retiring as a law enforcement officer from Florida, my son and I moved to Michigan.  In 2010 I received my BA degree from The University of Michigan, majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science.  That degree brought us to MN In 2011, where I currently work in federal law enforcement.  My son, Joshua, is a full time student at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.

We began attending Grace Fellowship Church in 2013 and fell in love with the people of Grace.  The worship atmosphere was wonderful, praiseworthy, and uplifting.  And the Word of God was taught as it should be, not watered down, not tempered for the times, but true, loving and relevant in today’s world.  Soon we began volunteering to help with various areas within Grace and it changed our lives.  We feel like we really belong, which some may know that when you move to a state where you have no friends or family, starting over isn’t easy.  Grace has given us the opportunity to learn more about and grow closer to God, and it’s provided us a way to continue to serve our community.  Grace is our home!

ginny’s favorites

We love to play with our Golden Retriever; attend plays at UNW; go to the movies; go on bike rides; play board games with friends; and watch This is Us together.

I personally love doing yard work so my son takes care of some of the house cleaning chores while I do the outside chores.

Hobby: Love everything softball – play, watch, coach; like to walk and run (being outdoors); love to read, but never seem to have enough time!

Favorite food: Sammie’s pepperoni and black olive pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream