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About ian

A few interesting things about me would be the fact that I absolutely LOVE history. Literally, all things in life can be explained using history and historical context. Once that realization is drawn, life is so much more interesting. Other than that, I like to claim that I’m funny; I hope that claim is true. Let’s face it though.. it’s probably false. My accent is a mixture of New York/Boston/Minnesota/anywhere else I’ve lived.

It should be a given, but I also love anything involving technology.. Don’t bring your computer near me, because I’d probably spend all my time trying to talk you into switching to a solid state drive. (WHICH IS THE FUTURE!) 

Ian’s Favorites

TV Show – “Adam Ruins Everything” – A brilliant show about a guy that goes around telling people facts

Movie – “Citizen Kane” – Tragic, but beautiful. The question remains if at the end, anybody actually heard him mention his Sled’s name??

Restaurant – CHIPOTLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verse – Romans 12:11 – “Never be lazy, and serve the Lord with enthusiasm.”

Hobby – Studying interesting things, disassembling technology, occasionally reassembling what I disassemble