Grace Fellowship began with a Dream, a clear and simple vision in the hearts and minds of a group of Christians. A Dream being built by faith and supported with prayer…

What is this Dream?

To reach lost and hurting people in our community  with the Good News that “You matter to God.” That is our passion! To help “seekers” become “fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ”… while helping  “Christians” grow in their faith.

To reach people with this Good News we use an approach to worship that is culturally relatable, striving to make our services understandable, relevant, and comfortable to those who are still considering the place of God in their lives. We use music that is contemporary. We speak  to issues that relate to daily life in language that is fresh, and with a content that is Biblical.

At Grace we believe the heart of God is to care about those who have not yet met Him. He is gently and patiently calling to our generation with a message of unconditional love. And so our slogan is “Come as you are… You’ll be loved”. We strive to present Biblical truth in a compassionate and caring fashion that recognizes that God works in different ways with each person and in His own time.

Ministering in the third millenium means using cutting edge and contemporary methods to present with excellence the ageless truths of the Bible. The message must never change.  But the technology,  musical styles, and language of its presentation must keep pace with our world, if the message is to reach this generation.

At Grace Sunday morning worship is only half the story!  Small groups help people make connections…with God and each other. Friendships begin. Stories are told. Laughter is shared. And people get better acquainted with God. Some groups focus on a mutual concern, some on prayer, and others meet for fellowship and discussion. All the while Christians grow deeper in their knowledge of God and His word.

We will be creative and innovative. We will not settle for the safe and the known but will boldly attempt great things for God. We will not be afraid to try something new. We will give ourselves freedom to try and therefore sometimes the freedom to fail.

We will seek to reach beyond ourselves, caring for the community and the world we live in. We will invest no more than is necessary on buildings. We utilize multi-purpose facilities and hold multiple services each Sunday to make the most of our property investment.

We will invest in outreach and multiplication , seeking to increase the ministry of this church through starting other churches. We believe that God calls us to be His hands in our world and we will exert our efforts in serving others and not just ourselves.

We will surround all that we do in prayer!  If it is  in our own power and wisdom that we work , all will be in vain. It is only as we seek and serve our Almighty God that our plans shall succeed. We will be a church whose foundation is Prayer!