A quick Q & A

Here is a quick Q & A to respond to some recurring questions.

Q: Why are we presenting the congregation with only one candidate instead of multiple to choose from?

A: Presenting more than one candidate could be divisive for the church. Our constitution states that the search team must provide a single candidate to the church for approval.


Q: What ever happened with the all church survey?

A: The search team took the results, combined it with other criteria, and provided it to Converge P3 to use to screen applicants. Those in the resulting candidate pool reflected the traits that the church body and leadership were seeking.


Q: How thoroughly did you vet our final candidate?

A: We had three rounds of interviews. We performed background checks and reference checks. We visited his current church. We evaluated theological and missional alignment. We had an independent leadership & psychological evaluation. We evaluated many recorded sermons. We evaluated his ability to impact a community with the Gospel. We evaluated his ability to develop leaders within the church.


Q: How did you reach your final decision?

A: Each individual of the Search Team and Elder Board independently and unanimously endorsed a decision to present our final candidate to the congregation.


Q: Why won't you release our candidate's name?

A: This is simply a matter of courtesy to our candidate. He is actively pastoring another church. He would like to be the one to communicate to them once our decision is affirmed by the members. Making his name public prior to the candidate weekend could circumvent that.


Q: Who can vote?

A: Only Grace Fellowship members are allowed to vote, per our church constitution.


Q: What happens if we don't get a 75% affirmative member vote?

A: We will re-post the job, seek new applicants, and start over again.


Q: Where can I read the church constitution?

A: It's published on our website, gracefellowshipmn.org under About, Who We Are.


Meet the Candidate!

About him


Married for 13 years

3 boys

Currently from the Midwest

Born in Tennessee

College in Texas

Was almost a Pharmacist

Excited to meet you!


You’re invited to meet him & his wife.

Meet & Greet

Oct 13 | 2-4p

Worship Center


Sunday Services

Oct 14 | 9 & 10:30

Will speak at each service and be in the commons after each service


Member Business

Oct 14 | Noon
Worship Center

Finalize the vote.

At least 20% of membership must vote.  Of those present, needs to have 75% approval.




Our candidate focuses on Evangelism and Discipleship:

He & his wife are Midwesterners with a Vision for reproducing disciples, leaders, service, and churches.

They started a church that grew to over 1000 in less than ten years and birthed nine other churches from their congregation.

Two amazing things God has done in their church: There has never been a week in the history of their church that they did not have visitors. They have baptized over 1000 people in the past ten years. At 6’7”, our candidate is a big man with a big vision.


Our candidate is family focused:

He and his wife have been married for 13 years and go on dates every week. They adopted three amazing sons. One from Ukraine and two from foster care in the Midwest. Their adopted kids reflect the diversity of Brooklyn Park. They have a 17-year old graduating senior in public school who loves computers and technology and two nine years olds that homeschool and competitively swim.


Our candidate is committed to city transformation:

They believe in local missions.  They lead their church to provide every foster kid in three counties with Christmas gifts, partnered with the Tim Tebow Foundation to host a Night to Shine for the Special Needs community, and their church was the first organization to be awarded “Volunteer of the Year” by their city.

They also believe in international missions and together have led international missions to Ukraine, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Panama, and Ecuador while focusing on evangelism, church planting, orphanages, and humanitarian aid.


Our candidate is passionate about developing leaders:

Our candidate leads one of the top 100 fastest growing churches in America.

He was recognized as one of the top 100 John Maxwell Transformational Leaders in America.

He has  spoken at conferences in America and Canada.

90% of his staff came from within their church and had no previous professional ministry experience.


A quick look at the journey

Looking back, it’s been quite the journey. We are all so honored to be part of it and are excited for the whole process.

Last February The Search Team was formed. An elder, a couple of staff members, the transition pastor and other amazing people that also love Grace.

March We worked through paper work and job descriptions. We were creating our profile with Converge P3. P3 helped us in our Lead Pastor Search. The profile that we would create would bused to match us with a pool of candidates.

April, The church helped us with the profile by completing a survey. This helped build our profile.

May, We submitted our completed profile to Converge P3. And, let the matching process begin!

June, The position was posted.

July, Converge P3 worked behind the scenes to match us with potential candidates.

Mid July We recieved 5 candidates.

August & Sept, lots of meetings! We interviewed candidates, interviewed again, started narrowing our candidates, continued with discussions and interviews, narrowing our candidates again…then down to one candidate.

September, We made reference calls, interviewed again, visited his church, met him and his wife in person. And; with an unanimous vote of the Search Team and Elder Board, we recommend this candidate. We are SO excited for you to meet him!

October, Candidate Weekend on Oct 13 & 14.

We have received candidate profiles!

Earlier in the summer, we shared that we engaged with the Converge Pastor Placement Process, or P3 to help us find our next lead pastor.  We posted the position and funneled all of the applicants through P3.  P3 then did their work to match candidates based on our statement of faith and the church profile that you helped us build by participating in the all-church survey.   

We have great news!  Converge P3 turned over a slate of qualified external candidates for us to review.  We didn't just get resumes; we received full profiles detailing leadership styles, personality types, ministry history, beliefs, ministry goals, and message libraries for each candidate.  All of the candidates are external to Grace Fellowship. All of that means that your search team is very busy right now ingesting and analyzing all of that information.  We will start interviewing the candidates next week. 

We need you to pray for us.  Pray for unity and consensus among the team. Pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Pray for the candidates too.  I cannot promise when we will complete this phase.  I can tell you that the team will take the time we need to reach alignment and confidence in our selection.  We will share more updates as we go.  For now, know that the future is bright for Grace Fellowship.  These are exciting times!  Thanks for going on this journey with us as we search for our next lead pastor!

7.12 Update


As you may recall, GF is working with Converge P3.  P3 is Pastoral Placement Process and they help match churches with pastoral candidates.  Right now, P3 is vetting candidates and will be recommending 3-8 Lead Pastor candidates.  The Search Team should be receiving the recommedations by the end of July.  Please continue to pray over the process.  Pray for wisdom, discernment and unity for the search team.  Pray for God to lead the right candidate to GF.


The Job Posting endS June 1st

Job Posting: Lead Pastor

If you are interested in applying for the position of Lead Pastor, please contact Mandy Johnson at Mandy@ConvergeP3.com or 651-633-0560.

P3 is a Pastor Placement service offered by Converge.  P3 is assisting Grace with the Lead Pastor search and they are the first point of contact.

We are excited for this person to be part of our team and have been praying for you and this process.

GF Job Description – Lead Pastor

5.12.18 Building the Grace Profile

We had a big meeting with P3 to finalize details for our profile!  We are getting closer!

We looked at all the survey results and compiled the final responses.  (Thanks so much for filling out the survey.  It was so helpful!)

Next up: 

  • A meeting on Monday (5/14) to complete another portion of Grace's profile.  
  • The job posting will be closing on June 1.  We will be communicating this in as many places as possible to build the biggest and best candidate pool.
  • If you know anyone that would be great for this position, please send them to Mandy with P3.