We have received candidate profiles!

Earlier in the summer, we shared that we engaged with the Converge Pastor Placement Process, or P3 to help us find our next lead pastor.  We posted the position and funneled all of the applicants through P3.  P3 then did their work to match candidates based on our statement of faith and the church profile that you helped us build by participating in the all-church survey.   

We have great news!  Converge P3 turned over a slate of qualified external candidates for us to review.  We didn't just get resumes; we received full profiles detailing leadership styles, personality types, ministry history, beliefs, ministry goals, and message libraries for each candidate.  All of the candidates are external to Grace Fellowship. All of that means that your search team is very busy right now ingesting and analyzing all of that information.  We will start interviewing the candidates next week. 

We need you to pray for us.  Pray for unity and consensus among the team. Pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Pray for the candidates too.  I cannot promise when we will complete this phase.  I can tell you that the team will take the time we need to reach alignment and confidence in our selection.  We will share more updates as we go.  For now, know that the future is bright for Grace Fellowship.  These are exciting times!  Thanks for going on this journey with us as we search for our next lead pastor!