Baptisms @ Grace

If you have said YES to being a follower of Jesus then your next step is baptsim. Baptism is public declaration of your faith.

We have Baptisms on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Cool baptism shot.jpg

How this works:

  1. You have made your decision to be a follower of Jesus. You believe that he died on the cross, rose, and is living in Heaven.

  2. You get baptized!

  3. You can come ready to be baptized (with all your own supplies) or you can make your decision in the moment. We will have all the supplies that you will need. (Like towels, pants, tshirts, combs, hair dryers, deoderant, etc)

NEXT BAPTISM: ocT 6, 2019

Feel free to invite friends and family to witness this amazing moment. It is such a special day to share with others.