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Baptisms @ Grace

Baptism at Grace is a public declaration of your faith and commitment to Jesus.   It is a celebration of your choice to be a follower of Jesus.

If you have said YES to being a follower of Jesus and are ready to publicly celebrate your decision, then your next step is to be baptized!


Steps to Baptism @ Grace

STEP 1:  Attend Baptism Info Meeting

This is a meeting to further understand “why” be baptized.  Ask any questions you might have.  And, if you are ready, you can sign up for the next baptism.
No registration needed, just attend the meeting

Upcoming meetings:  (check back for dates)

STEP 2:  Chat with a Pastor

Discuss your testimony and help you prepare for your video testimony.  You will also schedule your video testimony

STEP 3:  Record your testimony & Receive your Baptism Packet

This is typically schedule 2 weeks before your baptism date.  You will meet for approx 5-15 min to record your faith story.  

Your Baptism Packet will have your tshirt and instructions/details for the day of your baptism.

STEP 4:  Invite your friends and family

This is a special moment.  Invite others to see this!

STEP 5: Get baptized!

Questions to:


For more information about baptism,  check out Baptism Frequently Asked Questions