SEEDS Groups are…

a group of people who meet weekly in an inviting home. If you are interested in finding out who God is or if you’ve been a committed Christian for years… this is the group for you!

You’ll spend time connecting with amazing people of all different backgrounds in a safe, fun, large group setting. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know other men/women on a deeper and connected level.  SEEDS Groups discuss and learn more about faith through Bible Study videos and books.

Why join a SEEDS Group?

It’s so easy these days to become isolated even though we feel a connection through social media, cell phones, and e-mail. At Grace Fellowship, we want to debunk this perception.  We want to truly bring people into engaging, connected relationships. Being “connected” with other authentic people is key to a balanced and fulfilled life… it brings us closer to one another and, ultimately, closer to God.

When & where do SEEDS Groups meet?

There are SEEDS Groups meeting just about every day of the week.  Seeds Groups meet in homes near Grace.

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Adam Sidler – Executive Pastor of Ministry

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