Our Purpose is to honor God by inspiring people to find and follow Jesus.

We believe a follower of Jesus has these characteristics:

G enerosity

R eaching Out to others with the Good News

A ctively Serving

C onnecting with other believers

E ncountering God


Our vision is to be a culturally relevant, biblically rooted church, that takes risks to make new followers of Jesus, develop them into radical, devoted, & loving servants, who care for those in need, both here & around the world, while starting reproducing new churches.

What We Believe

With the Bible as our supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct…

WE BELIEVE in one living and true God, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that all persons are sinners and are accountable to God, but that those who repent and trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior become children of God by the Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE in the universal church, a spiritual body of which Christ is the Head and all regenerated persons are members.

WE BELIEVE that the local church is to be a group of believers in Christ, baptized on a credible profession of faith, and associated in worship, fellowship and the task of sharing Christ with a lost world.

WE BELIEVE in an appropriate Christian lifestyle, religious liberty, voluntary cooperation for the promotion of the cause of Christ, the return of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the body and the final judgment of all persons.


Grace Constitution